How to Prepare for Winter

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How to Prepare for Winter

November 27, 2019

Seattle is more than just damp during the winter, it can also get pretty cold out there. The last thing homeowners need is to deal with frozen or broken pipes when it starts to snow. If you want to avoid a disaster that could end in your family checking into the nearest hotel, here are a few tips.

Know the Risks 

Your plumbing may work perfectly on a normal day, but what about when you have the whole family over for Christmas dinner? Just one pipe rupture could mean a big end-of-the-year bill you had prepared for. Before the worst of the temperatures take hold, locate the main water valve in your home in case you need to turn off the line immediately. This valve is usually near the water meter and should be opened and closed at least once a year to ensure optimum performance. You can also use hose bibs to keep the faucets further protected from the elements.

Check Your Energy 

There are a few things to think about during the busy season of hosting or traveling. For example, turning the heat down below 45°F increases the likelihood that the pipes will freeze. While most homeowners won’t go this low while they’re in the home, some may be tempted to turn off the heat when they’re on vacation. Homeowners can also consider cutting off the water entirely, just in case the pipes still do freeze. You should also be careful when using your garbage disposal. The extra cooking and preparation can cause residents to accidentally dump anything from fibrous scraps to fat or grease. 

General Tips 

Turn off the outside water valves to identify uninsulated pipes on the outside of the property. Wrap all vulnerable pipes in foam insulation to protect against freezing. You can also check the state of your insulation (including the garage) to protect your internal pipes and lower your overall utility usage. Now is also a great time to loosen soil, clean out gutters, and apply fertilizer. The more aerated and clear the lawn is, the better the drainage will be. During freezing weather, open cabinet doors up to expose the pipes to the heated air outside.

Get Prepared!

From the water heater to the HVAC system, hiring a professional can be the key to catching a problem long before it catches you. Best Plumbing is available to help the residents of Seattle diagnose, repair, and replace any components that pose a threat to their homes. We help all our clients in the Puget Sound area get ready for even the coldest and snowiest of winters. Contact us here or call 206-633-1700 to speak to an expert!

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