When to Call an Emergency Plumber

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When to Call an Emergency Plumber

December 27, 2019

As a homeowner, you might think you have to fix plumbing problems yourself. While you might clear a simple clog or even clean out your P-trap without issue, not all plumbing concerns are this easy. Sometimes, your fix addresses the symptom but not the cause and there are times when you are much better off hiring a professional. Here are four cases you’ll want to call a professional team like the one here at Best Plumbing for help.

Overflowing Toilet

When the toilet doesn’t flush, it can be tempting to keep pressing the lever. This is the last thing you want to do. Toilet problems can go from messy to disastrous in a hurry, particularly if it isn’t controlling the flow of water. Instead of plunging it yet again, shut off the water valve and call for expert assistance. This will keep the water in the bowl and not all over your floor.

Low Water Pressure

Turning on a faucet to see only a trickle (or nothing at all) could be caused by a variety of issues. There may be a blockage or even a broken or burst pipe. If the water isn’t going to the faucet, you need to discover quickly where it is going. In this case, you should turn off the home’s water supply and schedule emergency service.

Water Heater Leaks

Your water heater has many devices to help it heat water for your home. When one of these breaks down, you may encounter leaks. Finding a small pool of water surrounding your water heater is your cue to take immediate action. Leaks can be a sign of issues like tank corrosion or dangerous pressure levels inside.

Repeat Clogs

Taking care of clogs on occasion is a common task, but there’s a point when you should consult a professional. Almost anyone can buy and learn how to correctly use a plunger or auger. These tools help you keep the drains flowing naturally. If you find that you are constantly fixing clogs, it’s time to schedule a repair. Repeat clogs might mean that there is an obstruction further down the line, or other problems you need a plumber to fix.

Since most of your plumbing sits out of sight, it can develop problems that you do not notice until they reach crisis levels. When it comes, you need to be prepared to handle it in a hurry. Best Plumbing is ready to assist residents in greater Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and beyond with 24-hour emergency service. To request emergency repairs, contact us online or call 206-633-1700.

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