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Preventing Autumn-Related Plumbing Issues

Drainage systems are designed to redirect water away from your home, but too much rain and extended periods of wet weather can put a strain on this system. Transitioning from drier summer months to a colder and wetter Autumn can lead to problems arising that you may not be prepared for. Keep your drainage & sewer system maintained year-round with help from Best Plumbing!

Downspout Drainage

Gutters around your home are there to protect the structure from rainwater or snowmelt by directing excess water into downspouts. Downspouts will then direct water away from your home to prevent damage. Where water is directed can depend on how your downspouts were installed. Underground systems, storm drains, and concrete surfaces can be the recipient of drainage from downspouts.

Downspouts that drain above-ground onto concrete can end up directing stormwater into sewer lines, which causes problems including sewer line overflows and higher utility costs. This is more common in older homes. If you suspect that your downspout is draining into the sewer line, we recommend contacting a plumber to look at the problem and help you solve it.

Clogged Main Lines

Fallen leaves and heavier rain during the fall season can result in clogged gutters, downspouts, and main lines. It’s important to regularly clear out your gutters during the fall season, maintain any downspouts around your home, and consult a plumber if you have a clogged main line. During rain, if you notice water overflowing around your downspout connection or overflowing gutters, you should address the problem immediately. If clearing your gutters and downspout doesn’t fix overflowing water, you may be dealing with a clogged main line. Additionally, if you see water stains around your underground drain, you could be looking at a clogged main line.

If you are dealing with a clogged main line, reach out to a professional plumber. These drain lines are underground, which makes it important to consult with a plumber to solve the problem.

Preventative Maintenance During Transition Seasons

Stop weather-related problems before they start with preventative maintenance of your drainage system. This can include at-home maintenance as well as professional inspection of sewer lines. If you are concerned about your drainage system or suspect potential problems, scheduling time for our team to inspect your drains and sewer system will help you avoid clogs during Autumn. Best Plumbing is available for both emergencies and scheduled maintenance, whenever you need. Contact us online or call today!

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Des Moines, WA Hot Water Heater Installations

How to Maximize the Life of Your Water Heater

A well-functioning water heater is a staple for any home. At Best Plumbing, we can help you install, repair, and maintain your water heater. We’ve provided Seattle homeowners with water heater services for over 40 years!

Different Water Heater Types

There are a variety of water heaters that can be installed in your home, and each type functions in different ways and has different benefits. In Seattle, the most common type of water heater is an electric heater. This type of water heater doesn’t require gas and instead is powered by electric energy, which makes it a sustainable option. Electric heaters can also be easier to operate than gas heaters.

Gas heaters can often be less expensive than electric heaters, but it’s important to compare specific models against one another as efficiency can vary even between the same type of heater. Electric heaters can require new elements and thermostats too over time. Both gas and electric heaters should be flushed as part of regular maintenance.

While these types of heaters are two common options, there are other varieties as well. Tankless heaters and hybrid heaters could also be a good fit for your home!

Tankless heaters will heat water on demand and can be more compact than other heater varieties. Rather than warming gallons of water at a time, they only heat up the water you need at the moment, making them an efficient option.

Hybrid heaters can use multiple methods to heat water, including electricity and heat pump. This makes them an efficient, energy-saving choice. Hybrid heaters are both more efficient and better for the environment. In King County, municipalities and manufacturers also grant rebates on hybrid heaters as an extra incentive.

Water Heater Maintenance

Depending on the type of water heater you’re using, regular maintenance tasks can vary. However, for all water heater types, we recommend regular maintenance to ensure efficiency and longevity. This will help you maximize the life of your heater. With both electric and gas heaters, call a professional if you aren’t comfortable with handling these sources of heat. At Best Plumbing, we can provide you with annual water heater check-ins and scheduled maintenance.

Water Heater Rebuilding

When you encounter issues with your water heater, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to completely replace it. Rebuilding the problematic parts of your water heater can save you time and money! This will also help extend the life of your water heater.

For example, in gas heaters, a control valve or thermal ignitor may give out while the rest of the heater remains undamaged. Replacing these parts can return your heater to working condition without requiring a larger replacement project. In electric heaters, the temperature or pressure release valve might need to be replaced but not the entire heater.

Replacing Your Water Heater

In some cases, you may need to replace your entire heater rather than rebuilding it. This can be a necessity with older heaters or a voluntary replacement if you want to upgrade to a different type of heater. There are also some telltale signs that your water heater might need to be replaced. Some of these signs can be solved by replacing parts rather than replacing your heater entirely, but it’s best to consult a professional.

Signs that you need to replace your heater can include leaks at the top or bottom of the heater, strange noises being emitted, a lack of hot water, and rusty water from taps.

Best Plumbing can help you with maintenance, repairs, and replacement of your water heater. If you’re having trouble with your water heater or would simply like to schedule time for regular maintenance, we’re more than happy to help! We’ll visit you and give you our professional advice. Contact us 24/7 with any plumbing questions or concerns.

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Seattle Sewer Leak Detection

How Going With Best Plumbing Leak Detection Services Can Save You Money

At Best Plumbing, we’re your one-stop-shop for all leak detection services. From locating leaks to solving the problem to providing long-term solutions, we’re here to help. Rather than shopping around for multiple experts to address different aspects of your leak, we’ll do it all.

Finding The Problem

There are a few key symptoms to be aware of when spotting a potential leak. With a water system leak, look out for new wet spots in your yard – this might be caused by water leaking from your water line. A spot of green grass that doesn’t match the rest of your yard is also an indicator that water might be leaking below and feeding just a certain part of your yard.

If you spot a spike in your water bill without a clear reason why, then you could be dealing with a leak. Any major shift in your water bill that you can’t explain is a good reason to consult with an expert. Leaks can cost homeowners hundreds or thousands of dollars when left untreated.

Solving The Problem

Depending on where your leak is occurring, the scope of finding and repairing it can vary. However big or small your leak may be, the team at Best Plumbing is here to help! We’ll detect where the leak is occurring, solve the problem, and help you with preventative measures.

With underground leaks, we recommend consulting with an expert. Having the right equipment and expertise is crucial for finding leaks before digging to find the source.

After finding the leak, we’ll recommend solutions to solving the problem and implement them. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, Best Plumbing will solve the problem and clean up the area entirely.

Preventing Future Problems

Leak detection systems and regular maintenance can prevent potentially expensive leaks from ever becoming an issue. At Best Plumbing, we’re here to support you from start to finish for any potential leaks that arise in your home or business. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies and consultations. Call us at (206) 633-1700 or reach out to us online!

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