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Storm Drain Seattle

Preventing Autumn-Related Plumbing Issues

Drainage systems are designed to redirect water away from your home, but too much rain and extended periods of wet weather can put a strain on this system. Transitioning from drier summer months to a colder and wetter Autumn can lead to problems arising that you may not be prepared for. Keep your drainage &…

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Hot Water Heater Repair Seattle

Going on Vacation? Don’t Forget to Prep Your Plumbing

With summer around the corner and things opening up again, many are planning much-awaited vacation time away from home. Whenever leaving your home for a longer period of time, it’s important to double check and make a few adjustments to the plumbing in your house. This will help you avoid returning home to a plumbing…

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Kitchen Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation. Seattle, WA

Dos and Don’ts For Kitchen Drains

The kitchen is where a lot of drain problems can arise. From a flooded dishwasher to larger plumbing system damage, mistreating your kitchen drains can lead to headaches and expensive repairs. To prevent those problems before they start, here are some basic dos and don’ts for kitchen drain health. Kitchen Don’ts: Pour grease down your…

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