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Common Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

Issues with your toilet can be frustrating and daunting especially if you’re not equipped with the tools to fix it. How do you know when your toilet is beyond repair and it’s time to replace it? Our guide will save you time (and water) and provide key indicators that it might be time to say…

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Seattle sewer work with Best Plumbing

Signs You Have A Sewer Issue

Unsure if your sewer is having issues? Or what to even look for? Knowing some tell-tale signs of possible sewer issues can help you maintain your sewer and home plumbing in the long-run, and potentially save you repair costs. 1.    Sewer gas smell The smell of sewer or sewer gas will be an obvious one.…

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sink drain don't pour grease down the drainSeattle WA

Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

It is so easy to pour hot and oily grease down the drain when cleaning up the kitchen. Once it’s gone, we feel like there’s nothing to worry about – not giving our actions a second thought. However, our drains take on a lot as we pour anything and everything down into the pipes. Choosing…

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