About Us

Your Family Deserves The Best

Believe it or not, plumbing is more than wrenches and pipes. Getting water into, and out of, your home directly impacts your family’s quality of life. Since 1968, Puget Sound residents have trusted Best Plumbing with all their plumbing needs. Our founding principles of providing quality work, business integrity, unrivaled industry expertise, and unmatched service remain strong today. Best Plumbing is still family owned and we’ve grown to include 24/7 emergency repair, sewer and rooter services, plumbing installation and a gorgeous 4,000 square foot showroom.

Through innovation, dedicated service, community involvement and a belief that water improves the quality of life, we’ll continue to serve Puget Sound for years to come.

Best for the Environment

Here at Best Plumbing, being green is a practice we established long before it was trendy. Incorporating eco-friendly plumbing programs into our business isn’t only good for the environment, however. Our green programs make renovations/installations easier, help you save money, and make the overall plumbing process more convenient.

Some of Best Plumbing’s green programs and practices include:

  • A product recycling program (We’ll take away and recycle your water heaters, porcelain sinks, tubs and toilets for free.)
  • Metal & cardboard collection and recycling
  • On-site office recycling stations
  • A team of water conservation specialists
  • Rainwater collection systems design and installation
  • Tankless boilers and water heaters
  • Low-flow toilets that actually flush – we test them all before you do.

If being green is important to you, be sure to call Best Plumbing. Our mission is simple: be responsible stewards of the environment without compromising your lifestyle.

Founded on Trust, Service, & Quality Work

We love and believe in what we do. It’s not just plumbing to us, but a philosophy that applies to every area of our lives. As a full-service plumbing contractor, we’re proud to walk our customers through every step of the construction or repair process. Whether it’s helping you pick out the perfect fixture in our showroom, stopping by in the middle of the night to repair a leak, or putting the finishing touches on a remodel, we’ll be there to help.