Standard Water Heaters

Seattle Water Heaters- Repairs, Replacements and New Installations

Best Plumbing offers standard water heater installation and repair services to all Seattle homes and businesses.

Water heaters are an essential part of plumbing in every home. Thanks to modern invention, having access to hot water instantly is something that we count on in our daily lives, and our water heaters are responsible for supplying that need.

As plumbing has developed over the years, multiple styles of water heaters have become available – each with a different set of qualities that make each fit best for different homes’ needs. Some popular alternative water heaters are tankless water heaters and electric water heaters.

However, the standard water heater is still frequently relied on by homes in the Seattle area. Standard water heaters use gas as energy to heat water and then store the heated water in a multi-gallon tank until use. While you can install a natural gas water heater, propane water heaters are the traditional choice for residential homes.

Gas water heater repair and maintenance

Sometimes things go wrong with your water heater. Maybe your showers run out of hot water after mere minutes, or maybe the hot water that’s coming out of your kitchen sink is scalding hot. If you are seeing, feeling, or hearing anything off with your water heater, a Best Plumbing plumber can help!

Our professionals are trained and equipped with the knowledge necessary to inspect your water heater and other aspects of your home’s plumbing that may be involved in the issue. Once evaluated, a Best Plumbing plumber will provide an effective and efficient solution to repair your standard water heater and get the hot water back to normal in your home as soon as possible.

Gas water heater replacement

Some issues that can affect your gas water heater are best solved with installing an entirely new water heater. Whether your current gas water heater is simply old and outdated or the heater is broken beyond repair, Best Plumbing can install a new standard water heater in your Seattle home. Our plumbers will walk you through the different available unit options, offer suggestions on which gas water heaters would be the best fit for your home, and take care of the entire installation process with professionalism and thoroughness.

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Best Plumbing has over 50 years of water heater service experience, and we are proud to serve the greater Seattle area. We hate plumbing problems as much as you do – which is why we have pros to fix them. If you are in need of standard water heater repairs or replacement, call Best Plumbing at 206-633-1700 today or contact us here to schedule an appointment.