Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Kitchen Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation. Seattle, WA

A garbage disposal is one of the most convenient plumbing details that can be included in a kitchen. Best Plumbing offers garbage disposal unclogging, repair and installation to all Seattle area homes and businesses.

Any homeowner is well-acquainted with the straining basket in the kitchen sink drain. It’s that little piece you insert into the kitchen drain that catches all the bits of leftovers, scraps, and general sludge in your sink before it has a chance to go down and clog the drain.

While it is important that your kitchen sink drain does not clog, emptying out that little basket may just be the least glamorous part of your day. On top of that, if the straining basket gets nudged even a little bit out of place and food goes down the drain, you know you are just counting the days until your kitchen sink drain is too clogged to function.

When your home has a garbage disposal, you don’t need to worry about food going down the drain. The garbage disposal is installed directly into the kitchen sink drain that is made up of blades that can be turned on to break down food waste into pieces that won’t clog your drain.

Garbage disposal installation in Seattle

Installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is a small improvement that goes a long way. Best Plumbing’s professional plumbers provide high-quality garbage disposal installation so your garbage disposal will work and last for years to come. Our plumbers will walk you through the entire installation process, answer questions, and fit your kitchen sink with the garbage disposal unit that will work best with your current plumbing and fixture.

Garbage disposal repair in Seattle

If your kitchen sink already has a garbage disposal but it is not working as it should, our plumbers are equipped with the skills and experience necessary to diagnose and remedy the plumbing issue. Best Plumbing’s professional plumbers provide quick and quality garbage disposal repairs to get your home back in working order as soon as possible.