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All About Shower and Bathtub Maintenance

It’s impossible to bathe or shower without properly functioning pipes in your bathroom. It’s also important to regularly clean and check the pipes in your showers and bathtubs so it doesn’t create a larger issue for you further down the road. Check out our tips for shower and bathtub maintenance to make your shower sparkling clean. Be sure to reach out to our experts at Best Plumbing if you’re experiencing any drain cleaning emergencies; they’re available 24/7!

Check your drains

If you find yourself waiting 10-15 minutes for your bathtub to drain or you’re standing in large amounts of water while you shower, this is a sign that there is an issue with your drains. Properly working drains empty water almost instantly. If you’re experiencing these issues, there could be hair and grease that clog your drains and pipes over time. There is a chance that tree roots have grown into your sewer system. To avoid total pipe blockage, address the issues sooner rather than later. Our expert technicians offer a wide range of drain cleaning services.

Regular cleaning

No one wants to clean themselves in a dirty shower or bathtub. Regular cleaning is important in keeping your bathroom running smoothly and looking pristine. Dirt, debris, and soap that doesn’t wash down the drain can create a hardened surface that forms a residue. Regular cleaning of residues reduces the chance of mildew growing on your showers. Make sure you identify your bathtub or shower manufacturer to get information on the types of cleaners that can be used. Doors can be cleaned with an abrasive cleaner and curtains can be hand washed. On bathtub and shower surfaces, use a non-abrasive liquid cleaner with a cloth and hot water. 

Tile and grout

Many shower walls and flooring are made with tile and grout. However, when grout is in contact with water for long periods, mildew can grow. Mildew is not the only concern since deterioration and damage can occur through regular use. Seal the tile and grout once a year for additional protection from mildew. You should also check for loose or damaged tile and cracked grout to prevent water from getting into the wall cavity. 

Regular shower and bathtub maintenance can save you time and distress in the future. These simple tips can prevent damages from happening and give you the tools to recognize common signs of pipe issues. Contact Best Plumbing for all your home plumbing needs!

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Common Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

Issues with your toilet can be frustrating and daunting especially if you’re not equipped with the tools to fix it. How do you know when your toilet is beyond repair and it’s time to replace it? Our guide will save you time (and water) and provide key indicators that it might be time to say farewell to your beloved commode. You can count on Best Plumbing for all your toilet needs: toilet repair, installation, maintenance, and unclogging. 

Your toilet is how old?

Having to replace something old may be obvious but some people may not be aware of how old their toilet is. On average, toilets can last up to 50 years. However, this doesn’t mean you may want to keep your 49-year-old toilet for another couple of years. Older toilets are often inefficient. You should consider switching to a newer one to save on water and money if your toilet is 25 years old. 

Crack in the tank

Cracks aren’t always super visible to the human eye. A common sign that you have a crack is that you notice puddles around the base of the toilet. If your toilet is constantly leaking water, you should examine the inside and outside of the tank to check for cracks. 

The flush is never-ending

If you flush your toilet and it continues to run for a long period of time, this means that the flapper valve doesn’t seal. A running toilet can be annoying and it also wastes water. You can often temporarily fix this by wiggling the valve or replacing the valve in the tank. While this sign isn’t an indicator to replace your whole toilet, it can be an issue if this occurs repeatedly even after replacing parts. 

It doesn’t flush at all

Every homeowner and renter’s nightmare! If your toilet won’t flush and you can’t plunge it back to life, you have a serious toilet problem. Our toilet experts at Best Plumbing are available 24/7 if this ever happens to you! 

Don’t let your toilet issues take up any more of your weekends trying to fix it. If your toilet is exhibiting a few of these signs and you find yourself always repairing it, it may be time to replace your toilet.

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Man repairing septic system

Common Summer Sewer Problems You Should Know About

Summer is just around the corner and you’ll want to watch out for these common summer sewer issues to make sure your septic systems run perfectly smooth all summer long. With the kids at home and everybody else working remotely, your sewer system will be working around the clock. Eventually, an issue will arise and you may get a blockage, leaking or corroded pipes, or leaking joints. Keep an eye out for these key indicators that something may be wrong with your sewer system. If you do notice any of these signs, be sure to reach out to our sewer expert and repair services at Best Plumbing!

Summer sewage clogs

While storms are rare in Seattle, they are a possibility in the summer! Warmer weather raises concerns for heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms. Storms bring heavy rainfall that puts excess stress on our sewage systems. This can cause backed-up wastewater to your house’s plumbing that is especially damaging if your plumbing isn’t regularly maintained.

Smell something?

Foul odor is easily recognizable and also a great indicator that you’re experiencing an issue with your sewage system. If you notice a smell, you may have a clog from your sewer system not fully emptying.

One area drains and the other doesn’t

You may notice that fluids drain in bathroom sinks or kitchen sinks but are slow to drain in other areas like garbage disposals, bathtubs, and toilets. This is a sign of a partial blockage.

Green grass

If you notice lush and greener grass around the septic area of your house, wastewater could be backing up in this area. These specific signs are key indicators that your sewage system may need maintenance.

These specific signs are key indicators that your sewage system may need maintenance. Keep a vigilant eye (and nose!) out for these common summer sewer issues and save yourself future troubles. If you experience these signs that your septic system may need repair, contact Best Plumbing for an inspection. Our experts have your back!

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