New Year’s Plumbing Maintenance Resolutions

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New Year’s Plumbing Maintenance Resolutions

December 29, 2018

For many Seattleites, ringing in the New Year involves going to parties, singing Auld Lang Syne, and making resolutions for the coming year. Here are three plumbing resolutions Seattle homeowners should make room for on their list of annual goals to keep everything running in optimal condition.

1. Learn to Use the Plunger the Right Way

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t use a plunger to force clogs through the pipe—doing so could make the problem worse! The goal is to use suction and compression to loosen and break up the clog so that water pressure can clear the drain as normal. To plunge sinks, showers, and tubs, first, cover the overflow drains. Then place the cup plunger over the drain so that the bell is submerged under the water. Push the air out from the plunger and make quick pumps for 20 seconds before lifting the plunger away. To clean toilets, turn off the water supply to the toilet and submerge the flange plunger so that the rubber ring is inserted into the drain opening. Quickly plunge for 20 seconds before lifting the plunger.

2. Make a 6-Month Plumbing Maintenance Schedule

Early detection of plumbing issues can save you time, money, and a future headache. Make a 6-month plumbing maintenance schedule to check for problems. Walk around your property and visually inspect pipes and plumbing fixtures for leaks. Also, check and flush out your water heater at least once a year. If you know you’re not going to have the time or ability to do it yourself, you can always schedule a home plumbing maintenance appointment with a licensed plumber.

3. Schedule Sewer Line Inspections

With Seattle’s aging sewer infrastructure it’s common to find that the pipes connecting homes to the municipal sewer system haven’t been fully updated since the house was built. Getting your sewer line inspected will uncover any developing problems, such as tree roots, grease buildup, improper pipe joining, and other obstructions that could result in a sewer backup. Scheduling a sewer line inspection is especially important if you’re planning to purchase or renovate a property.

As you go through the year, fulfill these annual plumbing resolutions to keep your plumbing in top condition. You can always call Best Plumbing at (206) 208-0429. Our experienced staff with help you take care of all of your plumbing maintenance needs!

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