Water Heater Repair

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Water Heater Repair

Best Plumbing will perform a complete inspection of your water heater to see what is necessary for any repair of your hot water heater. One of our professional plumbers might find out that a simple fix for the water heater is all that is needed. You can trust Best Plumbing to perform your water heater repair in the most economical way. We will have your home back to normal in no time.

When you call us for a water heater repair, you will most likely have a specific issue that is causing concern. A common problem is the sudden absence of hot water in the house. Our experienced plumbers will troubleshoot the thermostat or heating element on an electric water heater or the pilot control valve, thermocouple and gas pilot on a gas water heater.

If you regularly find the hot water heater runs out during normal household duties, we can check to make sure your unit is the right size for your demand. If the capacity is adequate then we can look for defective heating elements, a damaged dip tube or problems with the gas burner control.

At first notice of any rust in your water, give Best Plumbing a call. It is likely that the sacrificial anode has dissolved and needs to be replaced. Occasionally hot water heaters have to be flushed out to keep sediments from building up inside the water heater tank. We are more than happy to perform this maintenance for you.

Whatever concern you have about your water heater, give us a call. At Best Plumbing, our plumbers are available, prompt, experienced and courteous. We carry an extensive inventory of plumbing parts and our plumbers arrive with a fully stocked van ready to provide excellent service for your water heater repair.

Have a water heater problem that needs repair? Give us a call at 206-633-1700 for an appointment. We’re at your service.