Why You Shouldn’t DIY Plumbing Problems

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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Plumbing Problems

March 14, 2019

Thinking about skipping a professional opinion and trying to fix your plumbing on your own? The team here at Best Plumbing wants to help you avoid further damage and more expensive bills. Here’s what could go wrong in a DIY project:

Your Work May Not Be Up to Code

Whether you’re doing a repair or installing a new plumbing fixture, you may need to get a permit from the city. The penalty for not doing so could be big fines and having to pay to redo the entire job under a permit.

Sure, you might be able to get away with not getting a permit for small jobs that are inside your home, but this won’t help you when it’s time to sell. A home inspection will reveal work that wasn’t permitted or isn’t up to building codes, and you won’t be able to sell your home until you fix it. Don’t get stuck with extra bills in the long run and trust a professional from the get-go instead.

Not Realizing the Full Extent of a Problem

Some problems might have multiple causes. For example, a drop in water pressure could be a sign of multiple leaks. If you fix one leak and your water pressure goes up and your water bill goes down, you might not realize that you still have another leak causing you problems. Part of a plumber’s job is making sure to find any hidden problems and understanding that the problem getting better may not mean that it was fixed all the way.

Unfinished Business

Many homeowners don’t know how to put the finishing touches on a DIY job. For example, you may not tighten a pipe properly if you don’t have the right tools, or you might install a rubber gasket incorrectly. The job may look well done, and you may not see obvious leaks, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have problems. Even a small drip could lead to mold, water damage, or bigger water bills. This is an especially serious concern when you won’t be able to observe your work over time such as trying to fix pipes behind your washing machine or inside of a wall.

Invest in a Professional Team

Instead of a DIY job that will only end up costing you more money, get professional help! The expert team here at Best Plumbing serves the greater King County area and would be happy to take a look at anything you’re dealing with. Contact us today!

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