What to Expect During a Side Sewer Repair Service

Side Sewer Repair Service

What to Expect During a Side Sewer Repair Service

July 9, 2021

Your home’s side sewer carries wastewater from sinks, toilets and drains to the public sewer. Knowing where your side sewer is and how to regularly maintain it can prevent damages and best prepare you for what to expect during a side sewer repair service. Homeowners and business owners own the side sewers on the property and are expected to regularly maintain them. Best Plumbing provides side sewer service for homes, businesses, and commercial projects. Contact Best Plumbing when it’s time to get your side sewer serviced. Our professional team of experts are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Common Issues

There are a variety of issues that could happen with your side sewer. It’s important to understand these problems to best gauge how severe the damage could be to your side sewer. Side sewers are constructed by several pipe segments and if they don’t match up, they are called offset joints. These offset joints can cause soil and debris to build up and lead to backups. Cracks and fractures are another common issue that can have various causes. These causes include poor installation, poor soil bedding, tree roots, or deterioration from aging pipes. 


Best Plumbing uses a variety of techniques to repair sewer systems. Our team will diagnose the problem in the least invasive manner. During this process, we typically use a camera for inspection where we put a specialized camera down your home’s drain to see what is causing any issues. Once we know the severity of the issue, we’ll come up with a plan on how to fix it. Our trenchless sewer repair technology allows us to insert a pipe lining and perform any fixes without excavating your yard. 

Don’t wait until the last minute when it comes to servicing your side sewer. Regular maintenance can prevent any further severe damage in the future. Our experts are highly trained in side sewer repair services and will work efficiently to fix any issues that arise during the process.

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