Best Plumbing Seattle Sewer Maintenance

30 Jun. 20

Understanding Your Sewer

One of the most important pieces of home maintenance to be aware of is your side sewer. While it’s a big responsibility and problems can be costly, there is a local team of experts that is here to help if anything comes up. Let’s take a look at the basics of your sewer and some common issues to be aware of.

What Seattle Homeowners Need to Know

The city of Seattle manages the main sewer line, it is up to every homeowner to maintain and repair the individual line that connects to your home. These pipes are typically under the yard and set up to promote easy flow to the main sewer line, but the pipes themselves aren’t very wide. This means that depending on how you treat your pipes inside your home, you could end up with a blockage that is your duty to fix. For example, hygienic wipes that are flushed down a toilet can easily get stuck on the way to the sewer line and begin blocking the pipe. Small clogs will create problems like slow drainage but larger issues can actually cause wastewater to come back up the pipes into your sinks, showers, or tubs.

Assessing Issues

When buying a home, be sure to have a professional inspection of the pipes and side sewer to know if there are any hidden issues that might reveal themselves with time. Cracked, broken, or clogged pipes should be fixed immediately as the development of the problem is more costly than fixing it from the get-go.

Common Fixes


Clogged drains that haven’t caused major backups can be fixed by a process of hydro-jetting. A hydro-jet uses water pressure to break up obstructions and clears the pipe.

Rooter Service

From the kitchen drain to the sewer line, keeping drains clean is incredibly important. Best Plumbing rooter services are an easy way to maintain the health of your pipes and clear out any clogs

Trenchless sewer repair

If the issue in your sewer has caused your pipe to burst or leak, it’s time for a complete repair. Luckily, we have trenchless repair options to minimize the impact on your home and yard. Our main methods are to pull a brand-new pipe through the existing one, use epoxy to line the damaged section of pipe, or use a PipePatch to repair short sections of pipe that are difficult to dig up. During a sewer inspection, our expert can let you know which is the best for your situation.

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