Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Seattle Winter

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Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Seattle Winter

December 22, 2020

While we are no strangers to rain throughout the year here in Seattle, with each winter season comes even more rain and that can mean more issues for you and your home! Make sure your home is prepared for all that a Seattle winter can throw its way, and read up on some tips that may come in handy this time of year!

Prepare Outdoor Pipes and Faucets

You should know where the shutoff valve is to your home in case of any pipe emergency. If you are unsure where that is, it is best to locate it now before anything happens! Prior to any potential freezing spell, check for any external pipes on your home, and ensure they are insulated to prevent potential freezing and clogging. If you have a hose in your yard you should winterize your outdoor faucet. In brief, make sure to remove the hose from the faucet and let any residual water drain from it, then open the valve on your outdoor water faucet to drain any leftover water, protecting the pipe from potential freezing and damage.

Clear Out Gutters

Your gutter system, while not typically seen as a source for water damage, can cause issues if you have forgotten to maintain it during drier months. It is recommended that you have your gutters cleaned before the winter season to remove leaves and debris and ensure a smooth flow of rainwater off of the roof. If left unmaintained water can overflow from your roof and cause damage to foundations and further saturate your yard’s soil!

Inspect Your Pipes

Getting a sewer inspection can help prevent a major winter plumbing disaster! Not only can you see if tree roots are starting to damage your pipes that can worsen with winter weather, but you can inspect for regularly occurring blockages or damage that can be caused by old age. It is important to note that roots and wear are not the only factors in sewer line damage, heavy rain can saturate the soil around the sewer line and cause damage by adding pressure and weight that it would otherwise not experience in dry weather. Aerating the soil can help with drainage, and keep your lawn looking its best!

If you need help with any winter plumbing maintenance or repairs, be sure to call the professionals at Best Plumbing! We are available 24/7 in case of a winter emergency.

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