The Most Common Causes of Sewer Back-Up

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The Most Common Causes of Sewer Back-Up

December 16, 2020

If you have ever wondered, “How is this drain clogged again?”, it might be time to do a little more than pour liquid drain cleaner down your sink or shower. While drain cleaners are a quick fix, you are likely not solving the root of the problem and they can cause more damage to your home’s pipes. Keep reading to learn what is likely to clog your drains and back-up your sewer line, and tips to help you can prevent it from happening!

Common Household Clogs

Daily wear and tear on your plumbing system occur regardless of how much you try to avoid it. Common clogs can come from washing dishes, both in the sink and dishwasher, taking a shower, and flushing the toilet. Be cognizant of what you are putting down the drain, and try to avoid these common causes of clogs:

  • Food waste, when washed down the drain, can make sinks drain slower and eventually lead to larger blockages. Liquid oils and fats can harden in your drain and reduce flow and eventually cause a blockage, as well. Even Small scraps such as rice and ground coffee can expand in your plumbing to become a big problem!
  • Hair in your drain is likely nothing new, but when left alone all that hair can get tangled in your drains and catch other debris! Having an added layer of protection by purchasing a mesh drain cover for your shower or tub can go a long way and reduce the likelihood of hair clogging drains.
  • Sanitary products being flushed are a leading cause of clogs and sewer back-ups. Many items thought to be flushable simply are not! Be sure not to flush feminine hygiene products, diapers, sanitary wipes, and any other small sanitary products down your drain.

Causes Outside The Home

  • Tree roots can be a headache for homeowners and are a common source of sewer blockages. As trees grow their roots search for moisture and warmth, especially in colder months, and that can lead them directly to your sewer line.
  • Damaged pipes are another source of sewer back-ups. With so many older homes in the Seattle area, old and damaged pipes are nothing out of the ordinary. Where newer homes now use plastic pipes, old homes can still have cast iron or clay pipes that can break down over time.

In both of these cases, no amount of at-home drain cleaner or DIY tricks can solve the problem. It is best to schedule a professional sewer inspection to learn what your pipes are made of and if they are damaged or clogged already! If you suspect a back-up anywhere in your home, contact Best Plumbing today. Our 24/7 emergency plumbers are standing by, ready to help!

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