summertime plumbing tasks

15 Apr. 20

Summertime Sewer Problems

While it may not feel like it, we are quickly racing towards summer here in Seattle. Here are three common plumbing issues that people encounter in the summertime and tips on how you might avoid them. Keep reading to learn more!

Garbage Disposals

As you enjoy the fresh produce of the summer harvest, make sure you are properly disposing of food waste to avoid drain and garbage disposal problems. Key things to remember are don’t pour grease or oils down the drain, avoid putting fibrous plant material (such as melon rinds or potato skins) in your disposal, and make sure to run cold water while you use the disposal to help ease the flow of waste down the line. Another reason to properly dispose of food waste is to avoid attracting rats  — they have a great sense of smell and can retrace the path of food that you washed down the drain.  


As previously mentioned, there are generally more people around the home during the summer months. This also means there’s a greater change of your toilets getting clogged as a result of people flushing too much toilet paper. Make a small sign asking people to use smaller amounts of toilet paper and be sure to keep a plunger handy. If a toilet becomes completely clogged beyond the power of plunging, it’s time to call a professional since removing the blockage without damaging the pipe can require special tools.  

Sewer Lines

As the ground warms up and dries out during the summer, buried pipes can shift and develop small cracks. This can introduce sediment or allow roots to grow into a sewer line and cause it to back up. If you notice toilet water coming up through the bathtub drain, strong odors coming from the pipes, or your appliances draining slowly, make sure to call a professional plumber to inspect your sewer lines!

Proper maintenance can go a long way towards ensuring that your summer isn’t interrupted by an unpleasant plumbing issue, but if something does happen the experts at Best Plumbing are available 24/7! You can also check out our blog and Youtube channel for great tips and how-to videos! 

Photo Credit: https: Galleri, available under Creative Commons CCO.