Drain cleaning in Seattle

21 Aug. 20

Signs You Have a Drainage Issue

If you’re in the greater Seattle area, then chances are good that you have sufficient experience with water (coming from the sky, at least). But when you’ve found yourself elbow or knee-deep in standing water, it’s probably new territory. So let’s talk about drain clog issues.

With the Shower or Tub: Standing water is the most apparent sign of drainage issues. If your shower turns into a hot bath against your wishes, then there is an obstruction downstream. You might find that when your tub or shower drains, it burps air more than usual.  

With the Sink: Bathroom, kitchen, and utility sinks can take extra time to drain or could be completely obstructed. Often times, people try to self-clear obstructions here with drain cleaner with little success. 

With the Appliances: Dishwashers and washing machines are common culprits of downstream drainage woes. Poor drainage results in suboptimal cleaning and reduced appliance efficiency. 

With Multiple Drains: When multiple drains start backing up or when you see material from a different drain bubbling up from the one you’re looking at – this is a classic sign that you have an obstruction in one of your main drainage pipes.

How Do Drain Clogs Happen?

Drains get a lot of use in everyday life. So even with the best care, small pieces of debris and dirt can build up along with soaps that cling to prominences along the pipes. Clogs are a fact of life when it comes to domestic and industrial plumbing. Kitchen sinks with garbage disposals can chop up food that congeals with grease in your pipes. Soap and detergents don’t always go down smoothly, and when they mix with hair, it creates an impenetrable mess for water to get through. Kids drop food, small toys, and coins down drains. You can see some of the stuff we pull out of drains on our YouTube Channel. 

What Happens if Drain Clogs Persist?

If drainage issues persist without being addressed, pressure can build up downstream, and clogs can become very large and difficult to dislodge. At Best Plumbing, we use cables and jetting methods to dislodge your total backups and keep partial clogs from becoming major plumbing issues. 

Expert Plumbers in Seattle

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