Signs That Your Sewer Line is Due for a Repair

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Signs That Your Sewer Line is Due for a Repair

July 9, 2021

No homeowner wants to deal with plumbing issues in their home. It can be difficult to determine if these subtle issues in your home are actually showing signs that there is an issue with your sewer line. Plumbing problems can be complicated and small issues in the home can be telltale signs of bigger issues with your sewer. Learn when to get professional help from our expert team of plumbers. When you notice these signs in your home, be sure to contact Best Plumbing. We are available 24/7 to help with water leaks, clogged pipes, broken water heaters, boiler repairs and more. 

Clogged or Slow Drains

Sewage backups are common issues that happen in every home. However, if this occurs every time you flush the toilet, the issue could lie in your sewer line. When clogs in your home cannot be fixed simply with a plunger, it may be time to give your plumber a call. Slow drains are another common sign that there is an issue with your sewer line. If you notice that one or more drains in your home are draining slowly (or not draining at all), you could have a bigger problem. 


A crack in your sewer line can cause enough water to leak into your home’s walls. This can cause mold growth which is harmful to both your health and the health of your home.  If you notice mold starting to spread on your walls or ceiling especially in areas that are not generally wet (bathrooms), be sure to contact your plumber. 


An intact sewer line should be airtight and does not allow any odors to escape the pipes. If you begin to smell foul odors especially near any drains in your home, you could have problems with your sewer line. 

Green Grass

If your lawn has lush patches of green grass near where the sewer line is, there could be a leak in your sewer. 

If it seems that you’re constantly experiencing plumbing issues in your home, don’t wait to contact a professional plumber. Our team at Best Plumbing offers sewer repair and replacement. Contact us today!

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