Best Plumbing Seattle Rooter Service

24 Feb. 20

Seattle Rooter & Sewer Line Repair

This video on our Youtube channel provides a great overview of a rooting and sewer line repair we did for a Seattle homeowner. 

After our plumbing team arrived on the site, one of the first things they did was to locate a sewer cleanout and use a camera scope to perform a video inspection of the line to figure out where the problem was located. They were quickly able to determine that a broken side-sewer outside caused the backup. These sorts of breaks commonly develop when plant roots grow into and expand hairline fractures in older pipes. It highlights how getting your pipes rooted periodically — especially if you have trees on your property — can help prevent costly sewer repairs.

After they pinpointed the location and determined severity of the break, our plumbers decided that trenchless sewer repair methods would be the most effective and least disruptive way to replace the broken section of the side sewer. First they dug small holes at either end of the pipe section to be replaced. They then used a Jetter (a high pressure water jet) to cut out roots and clear out any debris. After the pipe was clear, our plumbers used a technique called cured in place pipe (CIPP), to create a whole new pipe within the shell of the broken section. This new pipe was then seamlessly attached to the city sewer line and the side-sewer attachment point for the house.    

After passing an inspection by the Seattle Public Utilities Department, the dirt was put back in the holes and the job was done. The whole job only took three days, and we were able to arrange it so that our clients never lost plumbing service and were able to use their facilities the entire time!

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