Plumbing Upgrades to Increase Home Retail Value

New Fixture Installation Bathroom and Kitchen Seattle

Plumbing Upgrades to Increase Home Retail Value

May 29, 2019

When it comes time to sell, Seattle homeowners will often invest in remodeling projects as a way to sweeten the deal for prospective buyers. The bathroom and the kitchen are the two most popular rooms to renovate and can greatly add to resale value. When you are looking for cost-effective ways to remodel, consider performing these easy plumbing upgrades.

Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets, also called low flush toilets, save homeowners money by using less water to get rid of waste. Even if they can’t entirely renovate a bathroom, homeowners who want to sell can still upgrade to a low flow toilet as a way to appeal to people looking for more sustainable homes.

Motion Sensor Faucets

Another popular upgrade is adding motion sensor faucets in kitchens and bathrooms. These allow people to wash their hands without turning a handle. As a person’s hand comes close to the sensor, the faucet automatically turns on the water and can turn it off after a few seconds to conserve water.

Low Flow and Luxury Showerheads

Switching out showerheads is an easy way to add luxury and style to the shower area. You can install low flow showerheads to conserve water, while luxury massage and rain showerheads can inspire elegance and relaxation into the space.

Double Sinks

If the kitchen has the space, or there is a master bathroom in the house, consider installing a double sink. Double sinks are extremely popular, especially when marketing a house to larger families where they need an extra basin to accommodate everyone during those busy mornings as people rush to get to work and school.

Upgrade Old Pipes

If you are completely renovating a kitchen or bathroom to the point where you are switching the positions of sinks, toilets and showers, taking the time to replace old pipes in the wall can be a great selling point that can help close the deal.

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