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Plumbing Projects to Tackle While at Home

These days we are all spending more time at home, and maybe spending more time noticing what’s wrong with our homes. While it might not be the right moment to tackle a full-room renovation, there are a handful of projects you can accomplish. The team at Best Plumbing is available to help with all types of projects or installations, and we are here with a list of projects you might want to consider.

Replace Your Shower Head

We are all seeking comfort wherever we can find it. Don’t settle for poor water pressure! A new shower head is easy to install and can help you relax more every day. Not only that, but an eco-friendly shower head can reduce your water usage and the cost of your water bill each month! Our showroom will be open June 1, 2020 by appointment only and you can browse the many variety of fixtures we carry to complete your project.

Check for Leaks

Many leaks are easy to catch and simple to fix. However, it’s important to address any potential risk in a timely fashion. Examine your faucets, toilets, and bath fixtures for signs of leaks such as dripping or running water, mold growth, or discoloration on walls or ceilings that might be water stains.

One way to assess if you have leaks in the home is to monitor your water meter. Designate a few hours in the day when you won’t use any water and take note of the level it starts at. If you compare the reading later in the day and the level has changed, you may have a leak lurking in the home.

If you have a leak that is out of your control to fix, the trusted team here at Best Plumbing is still serving the community and would be happy to help. We adhere to social distancing guidelines and will be in and out of your home at no stress to you.

Caulk your Bathrooms

While mold growth may occur due to a leak in a bathroom, bathrooms are also a high-humidity area of the home and are susceptible to mold and mildew even when things are working properly – especially if you have windowless bathrooms. However, one way to prevent harmful mold from growing is to properly caulk gaps around your bathtub and shower. Mold grows in small spaces that trap moisture, but by properly caulking the area, you will block out any opportunities for mold and mildew to grow.

Mid-level plumbing projects such as these can be completed by someone with plumbing experience, but it is always best to trust a professional. We guarantee the job will be done right and will last for a long time. Contact the team at Best Plumbing and let us know how we can help, or take a look at our blog for more information on other projects you’d like to start while you’re at home.