PEX Vs. Copper Pipe for Plumbing Projects

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PEX Vs. Copper Pipe for Plumbing Projects

April 1, 2019

PEX and copper are two of the most common materials used for pipes in your plumbing. You may have heard these names before, but do you know which one you should use for a given project? Our experts at Best Plumbing in Seattle are here to share a bit of wisdom about when to use PEX pipes and when to opt for copper piping.

PEX Pipes

PEX, also called crosslinked polyethylene, is a piping material that has become increasingly popular in modern plumbing projects. The material is more flexible than copper or iron, which can make installation easier. When your project requires pipes that need to fit into tight spaces, PEX can be the best option available. PEX is also often faster to install than other rigid materials.

Another great thing about PEX piping is that it lasts virtually forever. Copper and some other materials will eventually leak, which can result in some costly repairs. If your number one priority is longevity, PEX is a great option.

Copper Pipe

Copper piping is commonly used when it’s important that the finished product look nice in a room. This is often the case in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, or other spaces where the pipe will be surface mounted and visible to the naked eye.

Copper does wear out from a constant flow, and water can erode the pipe’s wall eventually. This can result in expensive repairs if your pipes are difficult to reach. Despite this drawback, copper is a very durable material.

These are just two of the various plumbing pipe materials available on the market today. If you have more questions about which option is right for your project, don’t hesitate to contact Best Plumbing. You can give us a call, or come visit our showroom any time.

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