Keeping Your Sewer Maintained Year-Round

Clogged Sewer Lines. Tukwila, Washington

Keeping Your Sewer Maintained Year-Round

April 29, 2021

Seasonality can have a big impact on your pipes and sewer lines. As we head from colder weather to warmer spring and summer, it’s important to know the impact of year-round shifts in temperature, rainfall, and more. Below are some of the ways that seasonal weather patterns can impact your sewage system.

Tree Root Growth

Root growth for trees slows in the winter, but speeds back up as the weather improves. Regularly checking for root growth will keep your pipes healthy year-round. While this certainly isn’t something to ignore during the winter, it’s especially important to keep an eye on this potential problem during spring and summer. Frequent sewer line inspections can give early alerts on whether roots risk damaging your pipelines. 

Good Weather Gatherings

With pleasant weather on the way and the world opening back up, there’s a likely chance that your home will see more foot traffic. This can put a toll on kitchen sinks, toilets, and more. Cookouts and social gatherings are a lot more fun without a backed up sink or toilet! Follow good garbage disposal practices and avoid throwing food waste, grease, or oils down the drain. Make sure your plumbing is equipped to deal with heavier use and don’t put unnecessary strain on your pipes.

Winter Rainfall

While freezing temperatures are less common in Seattle, heavier rainfall during the winter can be taxing on drain lines and plumbing. Heavy rains can cause pipes to shift and increase pressure on your plumbing. If your plumbing isn’t regularly maintained or if the system has undetected flaws, such as cracks in pipes, a heavy bout of rain can cause backed up water and other issues. Make sure you know where the shutoff valve is for your sewage system in case of backups, and keep and expert plumber on call for potential emergencies or help diagnosing a problem.

Frozen Sewer Lines

Frozen sewer lines aren’t a high risk in the Seattle area, but they’re not completely impossible. While enjoying the odd winter snowfall, don’t forget to consider your sewage system. Check external pipes and make sure they have the right insulation to avoid freezing. Watch for warning signs and blockages. This could include slow drains, noisy drains, and foul odors.

For Year-Round Peace of Mind, Have an Expert Plumber on Call

Plumbing emergencies can happen, and seasonal shifts put additional strain on your sewer lines. An experienced plumber can help you detect early warning signs, diagnose existing issues, prevent expensive problems before they start, and help you deal with emergencies. The Best Plumbing team is here to help you 24/7. Contact us for more information.

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