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10 Jun. 20

Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Homeowners looking to install plumbing fixtures and systems are usually looking for something more efficient, ecofriendly, and cost-effective. Whether you’re looking for a new shower head or water heater, Best Plumbing can provide the knowledge and expertise to find the best option for you and your home. Today we want to talk about tankless water heaters and how to know what to look for.

Why Tankless?

Tankless Water Heater Seattle

Unlike standard water heaters, tankless water heaters work on demand. So, instead of a large tank in your garage or tucked away in your home that is constantly working to heat the available water, tankless water heaters will only turn on when needed. This helps avoid the energy waste of keeping multiple gallons of water warmed and also ensures that you will never run out of hot water! Furthermore, tankless water heaters are much more compact and great for homes of all sizes.

Which is right for me?

Speaking of size, this is an important distinction to make when finding a tankless unit for you. Depending on the size of your home, you may have to upgrade to a larger heater to meet the demand of hot water for everyone you live with.

Larger units are more expensive up front and can cost more to operate, so be sure to ask the experts what they think is necessary for you to ensure you’re not overpaying for a new water heater. Based on typical flow rates of fixtures and the average water usage in your home, Best Plumbing will be able to suggest the perfect system to meet your unique needs.

Ready to get started?

So are we! Best Plumbing proudly serves the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Renton, and everywhere in between. During these challenging times, our team is taking extra precautions to keep our community safe and healthy. Call us at 206-633-1700 to learn more about our social distancing and no-contact installations or contact us online here.

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