How To Maintain Your Side Sewer in the Seattle Area

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How To Maintain Your Side Sewer in the Seattle Area

December 27, 2019

Your side sewer connects your home’s sewer system to the main city sewer system. It is vital for carrying everyday waste from your home to the sewer. It should connect to all of your home’s sinks, toilets, and other drainage areas.

Because your side sewer is vital to connect to the main sewer, making sure it is working properly is equally important. If your side sewer suddenly becomes blocked or leaks, you can have serious problems on your hands. Use the tips below to keep your side sewer in good working order.

1. Know where your side sewer is located.

Having an idea of where your side sewer is located can help you spot problems and avoid harming it. If you are the Seattle area, you can find side sewer information by contacting the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections. Most information can be found on their website.

Keep in mind that, as a homeowner, the side sewer is your responsibility. The city maintains only the central city sewer system.

2. Get an idea of the condition of your side sewer.

Many homeowners make the mistake of only thinking about their side sewer when there is a problem. If you know the condition of your side sewer before a problem crops up, then you can better prepare for it. It will often also be a cheaper fix if you spot it before it causes damage, as well.

Contact Best Plumbing to schedule a sewer inspection to have your side sewer examined. We will be able to run a camera through your side sewer to spot problem areas, such as roots growing in, broken pipes, and other leaking areas.

3. Only flush toilet paper and properly dispose of other substances.

You should avoid putting anything down your drains that will harm your pipes or cause a blockage. By flushing only toilet paper, you can cut down on very common clogs. You should also properly dispose of grease, fats, and oils by putting these in the trash or recycling them properly.

4. Use a professional to repair and replace your side sewer.

Your side sewer is important. You should leave repairing and replacing the sewer to professionals. In Seattle, many older homes have side sewers that weave a unique path over more than one person’s property as well. Having a professional determine where problems lie will help you avoid confrontation with neighbors or other property owners.

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