Having a Plumbing Emergency? 4 Tips From the Experts


Having a Plumbing Emergency? 4 Tips From the Experts

April 30, 2018

Chen sent us this selfie after our crew fixed an underground leak that was racking up her water bill!

The most important thing to do during a plumbing emergency situation is to remain calm and to minimize any damage to your home. Whether it’s an overflowing toilet, a ruptured pipe, or other plumbing related problems, fast action is vital. Here are four tips for successfully handling a plumbing crisis from Seattle’s trusted experts at Best Plumbing.

1.   Shut the Water Off

When a plumbing emergency strikes, turn the water off at the closest source, such as the valve underneath the sink, behind the toilet, etc. In more serious situations, it might be necessary to turn off the main water valve for your home. Fast action can help prevent flooding so it’s important to know where shutoff valves are located and how to operate them. This is especially true if you live in an older structure, which may have an unusual plumbing set up.

2.   Turn Off the Water Heater

After turning off the main water valve, the next step in managing an emergency plumbing situation is to turn off your hot water heater, especially if you have a traditional tank unit. This helps prevent heat buildup inside the water heater tank, which can cause it to overheat and damage the tank integrity. If you have a gas water heater, make sure to follow the instructions and turn the gas off first for safety reasons.

3.   Open Spigots and Drains

In situations where cutting off the main valve is necessary, keep in mind that there will still be water in the pipes, lines, and hoses. To help move the water away from the home, turn on any exterior spigots and give the hose a few squirts to clear out any remaining water in the pipes. This is also a good time to start putting buckets and towels around the leaking area to minimize damage until professional repairs can be made.

4.   Call a Licensed Plumber

We recommend that you call the pros while you’re handling tasks like shutting off valves and draining lines so that help can be dispatched immediately. Here at Best Plumbing in Seattle, our experienced teams are available 24/7 to handle any of your general and emergency plumbing needs. Our dispatcher can also advise you on how to handle many situations until help arrives to prevent injury or potential home damage.

If you’re looking for a trusted local plumber, contact Best Plumbing in Seattle 24/7. We’ve been serving the greater Puget Sound area for over 50 years! Find more great plumbing advice on our blog or YouTube channel.

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