Going on Vacation? Don’t Forget to Prep Your Plumbing

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Going on Vacation? Don’t Forget to Prep Your Plumbing

May 27, 2021

With summer around the corner and things opening up again, many are planning much-awaited vacation time away from home. Whenever leaving your home for a longer period of time, it’s important to double check and make a few adjustments to the plumbing in your house. This will help you avoid returning home to a plumbing disaster or needing to cut your well-earned vacation short.

Shut Off Your Water Supply

Shutting off your water supply before your vacation is a simple, quick step to avoiding damage at the hands of faulty pipes or plumbing. When your home is out of sight for an extended period of time, shutting off your water supply will prevent flooding and ensure you won’t be coming home to a major headache.

Water Heater Maintenance

Annual maintenance of your water heater is important for detecting leaks and discovering early warning signs of potential problems. If you haven’t had a plumber inspect your water heater within the past year, then we recommend hiring a professional plumber to inspect your water heater. A plumber can also help you drain your water heater ahead of your vacation. Turning your water heater off for the duration of your vacation is another option to avoiding leaks and saving energy.

Test Your Pump Sump

Sump pumps prevent basement flooding by moving water from your basement or crawlspace out of your home. If your sump pump isn’t operating properly, a summer storm could cause major damage to your basement via flooding. Test your sump pump by pouring water over it. If you fill the sump pit but the sump pump doesn’t turn on to pump the water away, you’ll likely need to repair or replace your sump pump.

Disconnect Outside Water Sources

Even with your water supply shut off, it’s important to inspect outside water sources. Prior to leaving, disconnect hoses and open out any outdoor faucets to clear the pipes. This will prevent leaking pipes from causing damage.

Clear Your Drains

When left unattended and without running water, drains with food residue can start to stink up your home. If gone for an extended period of time, this presents an unwelcome surprise upon returning home. Clearing your drains will prevent any unwanted odors upon your return. You can do this easily by running hot water through your drains with the garbage disposal on. This helps wash away any lingering residue that might be stuck.

Ensure a Stress-Free Vacation With a Plumbing Inspection

Regular inspections and maintenance are recommended for any property owner to avoid potential plumbing problems and keep your plumbing system healthy. If you haven’t had your home inspected by a professional plumber in a while, before heading off to vacation is the perfect time!

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