Everything You Need to Know About Your Side Sewer

Side Sewer Inspection and Repair Seattle

Everything You Need to Know About Your Side Sewer

April 23, 2019

Your side sewer is a system of pipes that connect your home’s drain pipes to the city’s main sewer line. Even though you probably never think of it, it can be one of the biggest sources of problems as a homeowner. The team at Best Plumbing is available to help you understand your side sewer and make sure you’re taking the right precautions to care for it.

Who is Responsible for the Side Sewer?

Even though the side sewer is the portion of the drain/sewer pipes that sits outside of your home’s footprint (i.e., under your front lawn), it’s still the responsibility of the property owner to maintain it. If anything happens to your side sewer, it’s no different than if something happened to the pipes under your kitchen sink. Given that you’ll be the one covering any bills your pipes might acquire, it’s important to understand how it works and common problems you could run into.

Common Side Sewer Problems

  1. Side sewers are commonly damaged by tree roots, shifting soil, or digging. A crack in your side sewer can flood your yard with sewage, block the pipe with dirt and cause a sewage backup, or allow debris to enter the city’s main sewer line.
  2. In addition to accidental damage, side sewer pipes can simply wear out over time. How long they last depends on whether they’re made with copper, PVC, concrete, or other materials, but no material lasts forever.
  3. Finally, your side sewer may become clogged with grease, sanitary products, or other items flushed down your toilet or sink drain that shouldn’t have been.

Schedule a Side Sewer Inspection or Repair

If you need a side sewer inspected, you must work with a licensed professional. Since the pipes connect directly to the city’s main line, mistakes could have costly consequences for other homeowners in your area. It’s essential that you have the proper permits to make repairs. Luckily, the experts here at Best Plumbing can help you with that!

We proudly serve the greater King County area and know exactly how to inspect, detect, and repair your side sewer and other pipes within your home. Contact us now to schedule an inspection or to receive 24/7 emergency service.

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