Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Sewer

Keeping a healthy sewer

Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Sewer

January 27, 2021

Although it’s not the most glamorous aspect of your home, maintaining your sewer is an important part of your overall home health. Follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts in your daily life to keep your sewer as healthy as possible, and prevent sewer line issues.


Use Drain Strainers for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Shower Drains

Using drain strainers helps to prevent large food scraps, foreign objects, hair, and other materials from clogging your pipes. Preventing excess waste to enter your pipes not only helps with drainage, but also helps the health of your sewer lines.

Run Water While Using the Garbage Disposal

Running water while using the garbage disposal helps to prevent your disposal from jamming. A jammed disposal can lead to clogged pipes and/or sewer line due to food scraps not being broken down enough.

Call a Professional Plumber to Fix and Inspect Your Sewer Line

If you sense an issue with your plumbing, or don’t know the last time it was inspected, call a professional. Trying to find a DIY solution can further worsen a problem, or even harm your sewer system. Calling a plumbing professional for an inspection is the safest option for a sewer line complication, or question.


Flush Anything Besides Toilet Paper

To prevent pipe blockage, do not flush any materials aside from toilet paper and waste. Although many wipes are labeled as ‘flushable’ they can still clog and damage your pipes and sewer line.

Pour Grease or Oils Down the drain

Fats, grease, and oils can coat the inside of your pipes and harden as they dry. To avoid clogging your drains, and sewer line, pour grease and oil into a container, not your sink, after cooking and wipe excess grease off with a paper towel before washing your dishes.   

Pour Chemicals Down the Drain

Common household chemicals and cleaning products can kill off the essential bacteria needed in sewer systems, as well as eat away at your home’s pipes. To properly dispose of chemicals, follow the packaging instructions, or your county’s disposal guidelines.

Remembering these tips for keeping your sewer line healthy and happy can save you future headaches. If you’re unsure about the current health of your sewer line, contact Best Plumbing for an inspection. Our 24/7 emergency plumbers are available, and ready to help!

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