DIY Drain Cleaning Myths

DIY Drain Cleaning Seattle

DIY Drain Cleaning Myths

August 29, 2018

Chances are, sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with a slow-running or completely blocked drain somewhere in your Seattle home. When the time comes, many homeowners turn to the internet for solutions — however, sources are rife with drain cleaning myths and following the wrong advice could lead to a much bigger problem. The experts at Best Plumbing are here to help! Keep reading to discover some of the most common drain cleaning myths and how seemingly simple solutions could backfire.

Myth: Drain Cleaning is a Simple DIY Project

It’s true that partial drain clogs can often be solved with a plunger or drain-snake. However, for people who don’t know their way around plumbing tools, attempting a DIY solution could be a serious mistake. Not only are home remedies often ineffective, but they can also cause even more damage. Overdoing it with an auger or trying a natural “drain cleaning” formula found online can worsen the clog or even harm your pipes — leading to expensive repairs down the line. If you’ve got a drain clog that needs to be dealt with and you know what you’re doing, play it safe and call a professional. Good plumbers are always happy to teach you the proper way to use a plunger!

Myth: Chemical Drain Cleaners Are a Substitute for Professional Cleaning

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like an attractive solution – they’re simple, cheap, affordable, and easy to use. While drain cleaners may work on minor clogs, they can also disguise serious issues with your plumbing. For example, your pipes might be clogging because there’s a crack in the line that’s allowing dirt and roots to infiltrate your pipe. Moreover, the corrosive chemicals used by these products don’t always play nice with older pipe materials often found in Seattle homes. Finally, chemical drain cleaners can also be extremely dangerous for homes with children and small pets.

Myth: Slow-Flowing Drains Will Aren’t a Big Deal

So your drain isn’t clogged, it’s just taking longer than it used to. No big deal, right? A lot of homeowners choose to ignore slow-flowing drains as a minor inconvenience rather than dealing with them immediately. However, even if you are dealing with a minor blockage, it will only get worse with time. It’s best to tackle this problem before it gets bigger. Plumbing requires maintenance, and dealing with a slow-flowing drain is an important step in keeping things running smoothly.

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