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Clogged Toilet Seattle

What’s Wrong With My Toilet? 5 Signs You Can’t Ignore

When it comes to toilets, we expect them to do their jobs properly. So when a toilet misbehaves, it can be especially frustrating. Leaky toilet water is never acceptable, and an unreliable toilet needs should never have a place in your home or business. In the greater Seattle area, Best Plumbing is your source for…

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Water Valve Seattle

Why You Should Be Wary of High Water Pressure

High water pressure might seem desirable if you’re taking a shower, but it can actually be a problem if not closely monitored. High water pressure will not only drive up your water bill, but it can also put stress on your pipes and household appliances. That’s why the Best Plumbing team encourages Seattle area homeowners…

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Waste and Overflow Systems, Explained

You may not have heard of a “waste and overflow,” but if you like to take baths, you should know that it is the system that makes them possible. The waste and overflow controls your bathtub drain, allowing you to fill your tub and empty it as necessary. Whether you want to install a new…

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