Building Boom Plumbing Woes


Building Boom Plumbing Woes

March 8, 2018

Multi-family dwellings make up a large percentage of Seattle’s current construction boom. While necessary to help alleviate the city’s housing crunch, erecting a large apartment complex or multiple condos on what used to be parcel of land used for a single residence can lead to some significant plumbing issues.

Trials of Urban Density

One potential problem for new development is how to handle drainage. A rise in urban density also means a rise in urban storm water runoff, which can be a serious concern in the Emerald City. Because apartments and condos don’t have a yard to help absorb water, it’s important that they properly utilize storm drains and catch basins to effectively direct water to prevent flooding and property damage.

Another issue for new construction is making sure that the water and sewage demands of a mult-family unit don’t overwhelm the existing infrastructure. Seattle’s aging plumbing and sewage network has a colorful history, where the concrete or clay pipes used prior to the 1960’s can turn up in unexpected places. As you can imagine, attaching a modern apartment complex to a 70 year-old pipe is a recipe for disaster.

Consult Your Local Experts

For these reasons it’s important to work with a plumbing expert who is familiar with Seattle’s water challenges and infrastructure. Locally owned and operated for the past 50 years, Best Plumbing is up to the task! Our expert team works with developers and contractors to plan and execute new construction plumbing solutions that are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Contact us today by calling (206) 785-2360.

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