Bathrooms of the Future

Smart Bathroom in Seattle Home

Bathrooms of the Future

January 28, 2019

Considering Seattle’s status as a tech hub, it’s no surprise that a growing number of owners are using smart home technology to transform all areas of their home—including the bathroom. Below, Best Plumbing explores a few of the exciting advancements that you can incorporate into your own high tech bathroom plan.

Tech Toilets

You might find it hard to imagine how much a classic toilet could possibly change, but they are evolving with the addition of smart technology. New luxury toilets have features including automatic lids, heated seats, nightlights, and leak detection sensors. There’s also been a rise in various voice-controlled devices. Simply say “toilet flush” and it’s taken care of, hands-free!

Smart Showers

In the past, using electronic devices near a bathing area was a bad idea. However, with improvements in waterproofing technology, the shower as joined the home automation revolution. Installing a digital controller allows you to choose (and even pre-program) the exact temperature and water pressure you prefer, eliminating the often-painstaking process of fiddling with knobs. Another popular shower upgrade is LED lighting to set a relaxing mood. And for those of you who love singing in the shower, there are now showerheads with built-in Bluetooth speakers!


Automated Sinks

Ever been to a public restroom where you had to spend an annoying amount of time frantically waving your hands to try and activate a motion sensor sink. Well, this isn’t an issue with new home-automated sinks. Utilizing infrared technology, hands-free sinks add a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience and offer an incredible water saving solution.

Bathrooms of the future have arrived, adding comfort, convenience, and luxury to your Seattle home. Give Best Plumbing a call at (206) 622-1700, or visit our showroom, and our expert plumbers and design staff will help bring your bathroom into the modern age.

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