5 Common Sink Drain Clogging Mistakes

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5 Common Sink Drain Clogging Mistakes

October 19, 2020

Whether we realize it or not, the sink is one of the most commonly used appliances in any house or apartment. We use it when cooking, washing our hands, and doing dishes. This makes sink maintenance and care very important, as you do not want to be without your sink for any period of time. Other than routine maintenance, the best way to take care of your sink and avoid clogs is to be mindful of what you are putting down it. Here are 5 common items that you should avoid putting down your sink:


Starting off with a more commonly known problem substance, grease is still a common mistake people make when using their sink drain. While grease may be a common byproduct of cooking in your kitchen, it will solidify when poured down your drain and leave potential for clogging. Even worse, other foods often will get attached to it and get stuck, forming a much worse clog. Always pour the grease in a left-over jar or can and throw it away once it has solidified

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are typically a small, fine mixture, but they can spell trouble for your sink. While they may go down the drain without any issues, they can quickly turn into a sludge that will clog your pipes and prevent any other food from going down. Coffee grounds should always be thrown away in your garbage

Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice make up a large part of many cuisines, so proper disposal is great to keep in mind when making these dishes. These foods are trouble for two reasons: they expand when exposed to water, and they can easily be turned into mush to create a drain blocking mixture


You may be able to get away with putting egg shells down the sink every once in a while, but they often get stuck in drains and lead to bigger clogs. When garbage disposals grind them into small bits they mix with other items (like grease) and become problematic. The membrane can also get stuck to the sides of your pipes for further issues

Fats and Oils

Fats and oils are similar to grease in concept, but are less known as a problem item. They can just as easily coat the walls of your pipes and create much larger problems down the road. Items to watch out for include dressings, cooking oil, meat grease, shortening, and more.

These are just 5 examples of items to watch out for when using your home’s sink. If you are ever unsure of what you are about to put down, always check beforehand. If you do make a mistake or have any other sink-related issues though, give us a call. Our licensed plumbers can help solve any sink problem and get your Seattle home back on its feet. Contact Best Plumbing at (206) 800-7822 today!

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