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Water Line Detection

Water Line Leak Detection

Water Line Replacement

The water line to your home and business is metered to track usage for billing. If a leak occurs somewhere in your water line you will start seeing an increase in your water bill.

Small leaks may occur in your water heater pressure relief valve or in your toilets. These are small leaks that add to your water bill but may not be noticeable.

A break in the pipe can be noticeable by greener grass in one area and puddling water. If you don’t notice any outdoor leak, shut the water valve off to the house. Look at the meter, if it is still running the water leak may be at the valve or in the house.

Other areas where leaks are common are hose bibs, faucets, shower heads, taps, pools and irrigation systems. If you notice an increase on your water bill, stop throwing your money down the drain, call Best Plumbing, we’ll be happy to help you find the leaks and repair them too. Call 206-633-1700.

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