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Septic Tank Reversal

How To Avoid a Septic Tank System Reversal

A septic tank system reversal can be a nightmare. You may first notice gurgling in your drainpipes and slow draining of water. Then water levels in the septic tank increase, soon to follow are septic back-ups and a drain field that is ponding with septic overflow.

Best Plumbing can help you repair, replace or prevent a septic tank system reversal. The best solution is prevention. A fragile balance between organic matter and microorganisms must be maintained to process sewage in a septic drainfield.

To prevent a septic tank system reversal:

  • Solids should be pumped from the tank regularly but not excessively
  • Disposing of kitchen food scraps in the garbage disposal should be minimal
  • Repair any faucets or fixtures that leak because continuously leaking water can cause hydraulic overload in your septic system.
  • Do not flush inorganic materials – anything but toilet paper and tissue – down the toilet
  • Do not use chlorine based cleaning products
  • Do not use toilet cleaners that are flush activated
  • Conserve water by installing low flow fixtures to reduce the amount of water to the septic system
  • Reduce the use of anti–bacterial soap
  • Install a lint trap on your washing machine drain

The main reason for preventative measures is to reduce the time to complete biomat that can seal your septic system drain field causing ponding and back–ups. If you notice slow water drainage or gurgling water, call Best Plumbing we will come out and inspect your system to help prevent a septic tank system reversal. Better yet, if you have a septic system, call Best Plumbing for regular maintenance to avoid a septic tank system reversal.

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