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Hydro Excavation

Long used in mining practices, hydro–excavation has been updated and compressed into a single–vehicle system that can safely and efficiently expose utility lines, water and gas pipes and communication lines using pressurized water and vacuum system. Best Plumbing provides expert hydro–excavation services for projects of all types.

Excavation in the past has been done with backhoes or pickaxes and shovels creating dangerous situations for construction workers with the possibility of broken water, gas or electrical lines. Using a half–inch spray lance that shoots 3,000 lbs. of pressurized water, Best Plumbing technicians can sculpt out an area in small cramped spaces or where workers can't access a site or for delicate excavation around complex utility configurations.

Because the amount of water is controlled and the vacuum pipe is constantly removing the loosened debris, site clean–up for excavation is no longer a necessary part of the job. The ability for Best Plumbing technicians to be so precise with hydro–excavation means there is a clear footprint with less soil removed, which requires less backfill, less labor and less damage to the surrounding area.

When you need excavation services, call Best Plumbing at 206–633–1700. Using hydro–excavation will provide you with a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to uncover gas and water lines and electrical and communication systems.

If you need to clear a large basin or blast a precision trench, look no further: Best Plumbing’s vactor services can do the job. Call or email us get started.

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