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Upgrading Your Gas Water Heater

Upgrading Your Gas Water Heater

How long do gas water heaters last?

Generally, a standard gas water heater will last from eight to 12 years. However, over time the tank in a water heater will oxidize and begin to deteriorate, often resulting in a leaking tank. Make sure you know where the water shut off valve is located to prevent excess water damage. If you do notice a leak call us at 206–633–1700.

How can I extend the life of my gas water heater?

As the gas water heater gets older it can also lose efficiency because of buildup of sediment in the tank. So even though the tank is still heating water it requires more fuel to do so. Flushing older gas water tanks will help to reduce buildup and newer water heaters can be self cleaning.

Hard water causes scaling, which reduces a water heater’s efficiency. By adding a soft water heater hard water problems are removed.

If your water heater is hooked up to a closed system, where a valve stops water from flowing back into the water main, installing an expansion tank can prolong the life of the water heater. Water, when heated, expands and without a place for this water to go your water pressure will rapidly increase and decrease stressing both plumbing and the gas water heater. An expansion tank will prolong the life of your gas water heater.

Best Plumbing can service your water tank annually, install a soft water system and install an expansion tank if needed.

Are gas water heaters environmentally friendly?

They are more eco-friendly than electric if electricity is produced using fossil fuel. However, solar and tankless water heaters are the most environmentally friendly hot water heaters.

Whichever water heater system meets your needs we can install it for you.

Is my older gas water heater safe?

If your gas water heater was built and installed before 2003 your tank probably doesn't have FVIR or Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant technology installed. Having a FVIR compliant gas water heater, that is also properly installed, operated and maintained, make gas water heaters more safe and reliable.

FVIR technology prevents you from lighting the pilot with a match and prevents flammable vapor from igniting outside the gas water heater's built in combustion chamber. FVIR water heaters also have a combustion temperature sensor that will automatically shut down the water heater if it becomes clogged with dust, oil or lint.

Best Plumbing has been installing, servicing and replacing water heaters for Puget Sound residents since 1968. We are a full–service plumbing company who can help you from design to installation. Call us for emergency or planned service at 206-633-1700 or drop us an e–mail on our contact page.

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