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Solar Water Heaters

When you need to update your water heater, think about going solar. Even with cloudy winter days, solar water heaters can produce enough hot water for an average home in Washington. Not only will you save money for heating water you will also realize the quickest payback from any solar technology on the market today. Toss in a few incentives from local utility companies and a federal tax credit and you might be wondering why you didn't go solar sooner. Best Plumbing can retrofit an existing hot water heating system or install a new solar water heating system.

There are several factors that will dictate the size, type and complexity of your solar water heater:

  • Changes in ambient temperature between day and night and for solar radiation, between summer and winter
  • The chance of either the heater fluid or the potable water freezing or overheating
  • How much hot water is needed from the solar water heating system and what temperature will be required

In areas that are not prone to freezing temperatures an open loop or direct system can be used. These systems are cheaper but can be damaged by freezing temps and, with hard water, can scale up over time. In this solar water heater system the water is heated directly by the solar panel. These systems can be passive (no pumps) or active (pump and controller driven by the solar panel).

An indirect system or closed loop system uses a heat exchanger that separates potable water from a heating fluid. The heating fluid is heated in the solar panel where it then travels to a heat exchanger (tank) where it can heat the water for the home. These solar water heaters are active systems using both a pump and a controller.

Active systems will be more expensive but offer more advantages over a passive system.

Our professional staff can help you choose the right high efficiency gas water heater for your family's hot water needs. If you have had shortages of hot water in the past, you might want to consider getting a higher capacity gas water heater for the comfort and convenience of your family. Another option is a high efficiency gas water heater with a higher first hour rating. This rating tells you how much hot water can be delivered in one hour during high use.

  • The tanks for the active solar water heater can be tucked out of sight
  • The tank can be put in a more climate controlled area to further increase its efficiency
  • There is more control over an active system than a passive system
  • There are more design options for the solar water heating system and existing storage tanks can be used

When looking for a new hot water system, think about going solar. Best Plumbing can help you design a system that will provide ample hot water for your family. And by choosing a solar water heater, you can save money while helping the environment. call 206-633-1700 or email us today for your solar water heater upgrade.

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