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Disposal and Dishwater Repair

Dishwashers and disposals are the workhorses of a kitchen. When they aren't working, the kitchen ceases to function properly. Best Plumbing is here to keep your kitchen operating at peak performance.

Dishwasher Repair

Over time, food, grease and detergent can accumulate on the walls of kitchen sink pipes, narrowing the path for water to travel freely. Most kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal and dishwasher hooked up to the kitchen sink plumbing. Both devices introduce food and fat–based products into the kitchen plumbing system, making kitchen drains highly susceptible to clogging.

Dishwashers have four main functions:

  • Fill/drain water
  • Spray water
  • Heat water
  • Dry dishes

If your dishwasher isn't draining or filling properly, the float may be clogged with debris. If water puddles on your kitchen floor, the door gasket may need replacement or the door may need to be aligned. If your dishes aren't coming out clean or have a film on glassware, it's likely the spray arms are clogged or the pump isn't working properly.

When the water isn't heated to the right temperature, dishes don't get clean or they come out looking cloudy. Improper water temperature could suggest there's a problem with your hot water heater or, if you are running the dishwasher during or after a bath or shower, there simply may not be enough hot water available. Some dishwashers have an auxiliary heater that may not be functioning properly.

Garbage Disposal Repair

CAUTION – whenever you are working on a garbage disposal, turn the power off at the circuit breaker. Do not stick your hand or other items into the disposal when it is powered

Occasionally, the chopping arms in a garbage disposal may freeze up. Before calling a plumber, go under the sink and locate the red or black reset button on the bottom of the disposal. Push the reset button and then try to operate the disposal. If the garbage disposal blades still don't engage or if the unit doesn't turn on at all, call Best Plumbing to set up a service call.

There shouldn't be any odor coming from your disposal. If there is, make sure all food products are cleared from the disposal. To clear food from the disposal efficiently, keep the blades sharp by periodically dumping ice cubes in unit, then running it until the ice is gone. Take the rubber sink damper out of the drain and occasionally running it through the dishwasher to remove any build up. Cut up lemon rinds and run them through the disposal to keep it smelling fresh. If odors persist, call Best Plumbing.

When you experience problems with your dishwasher or disposal, call Best Plumbing at 206–633–1700 for dishwasher repair and garbage disposal repair. We are a full service plumbing company, offering over 40 years of experience in the plumbing business. Our kitchen and bath showroom offers several lines of top brand fixtures and our design team is ready to help you with any remodel or new build project. Don't hesitate, call Best Plumbing today.

If there’s any indication you have a corroded or damaged system, our Sewer and Rooter department can help with professional sewer line repair and replacement if necessary.

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